Captian Joe

Growing up, my dad would always take me to lake erie once or twice a year as a fun fishing vacation. I can honestly say that I can remember every one of the trips and who was on them!  Thats the experience I want you and your family to have. My promise to you is that I will work hard every time you go out with us, not only to get your limit but to make sure it is a great experience for any age. I will also promise a clean and safe enviroment with the best equipment and tackle to help get your limit.

We love to get kids out fishing even if it's their first time. My boat can cater to the younger and older generation.

When my son Hunter is out of school , he first mates for me and this is a added bonus if your bringing children because he loves teaching and helping kids catch fish. They are very receptive because of his age. Dont let his age fool you, he has been fishing on my boats on Erie since he was 6 years old and is just as good at 18 as my other first mates that are in their forties. Make sure you mention that you are bringing kids and you want Hunter on the trip so I can make sure he goes.

  • Liscensed and insured Coast Guard Captian

  • Drug tested (me and my first mates)

  • Liscensed by state of Ohio ODNR



Why should you charter? A person can charter several times a year for a fraction of the cost of maintaining and outfitting a big water boat. Fishing with an experienced captain puts you where the fish are, with the most sophisticated equipment and with maximum safety.

Let us take care of everything and allow you to relax and enjoy the fun and family. This is also a good way to entertain clients and employees.


  • Rates are for up to 5 people

  • Please tip my mates, they generally only receive a tip for payment (15-20% is the industry standard)

  • Smaller groups welcome (call for price and availability)

  • We offer custom trips specific to the needs of our customers (call to discuss)

  •   We can accommodate large groups

  • Cash and Credit Cards are accepted (there will be a 3% charge for using a credit card)




Walleye (1 - 5 people)

Full day, 8 hours, dock to dock (6 AM) $550.00

Yellow Perch, Fall (1 - 5 people)

Full day, 8 hours, dock to dock $550.00


If we have to go more than 12 miles one way there is a $50.00 extra fuel charge and you always will be informed of this before your trip so you can decide.

Island pick up will have a $100 dollar extra charge.

Multiple Boats

We handle those with large groups and also we have several boats in our marina we partner with.