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          What to bring

  • Food/Drinks-A cooler with ice will be provided for your food and drinks

  • Motion Sickness Medication or Sea Bands(please take as directed, we go out once. If we have to come back because of sickness you are resposible to pay for full trip)

  • Hat/Sunglasses/Sunscreen

  • Cooler to take your fish home-You will leave this in your vehicle

  •  Valid Ohio Fishing License

  •  Comfortable Foot Wear(Please no boots)

  •  Jacket/Sweatshirt-It's usually cooler than you would expect in the mornings 

  • Rain coat if the weather looks bad

       What not to bring

  • Illegal Drugs, we are a drug free coast guard inspected  vessel.

  • Big coolers to put on boat. We have plenty of space and storage for drinks, food ect.

  • Fishing poles and tackle. We supply all fishing equipment. If you want to bring your own perch pole that's fine.

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